Make Your Own Super Bubble Solution

Make Your Own Super Bubble Solution

With Summer just around the corner and the kids home from school, finding things to keep them busy can sometimes be a challenge.

Summer Fun!!!

After chores are done and kids start saying that they are bored,,, Pull out your secret weapon, a jar of Soap Bubble Solution and send them off to make some pretty bubbles…

Most if not all kids, are going to love blowing bubbles, heck,,, I know of a few adults that still love to blow bubbles,,, and blowing bubbles is good, if not clean fun…

What, you don’t have Soap Bubble Solution? Not to worry if you have some very basic ingredients you can make your own, inexpensively, easily & pretty fast…

When I was a kid we would use dish soap with water, and that does work,,, try 3 parts water to 1 part dish soap… But with the addition of one or two other ingredients you can make your own Super Bubble Solution…

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What is Super Bubble Solution?

What is Super Bubble Solution? Super Bubble Solution, is a bubble solution that can be used to make those huge bubbles that you may have seen, that seem to go on and on,,, and bubbles that do not break easily.

By adding a simple ingredient to your soap bubble solution you could make bubbles that stay wet longer, are stronger, and last longer…That simple ingredient is SUGAR, yes sugar…Sugar makes the solution wetter, more elastic and pliable…Great for blowing huge long lasting bubbles…

When adding sugar to our soap bubble solution we want to make sure that the crystals dissolve, the best and easiest way to do that is by making a simple sugar syrup. If you have never made a sugar syrup it is easy, just put equal parts water and sugar into a pot and heat till it thickens…By making a syrup you change the sugar into a form that will easily mix with your water and soap solution…

If you wanted to go a step farther, you could replace the sugar syrup with corn syrup,,, Adding corn syrup will give your bubbles strength, and lasting power like sugar does… Most recipes for soap bubble solution that uses corn syrup, specifies Karo… If you go to the Karo Syrup website you will find a Soap Bubble Solution recipe,,, I have put the link below…

Karo Syrup Giant Bubble Recipe Here!

Another ingredient that formulators of Super Soap Bubble Solution use is Vegetable Glycerin… Like Sugar and Corn Syrup, It helps in the formation of wetter, strong long lasting bubbles… You do not need to add all three, use what you have, but keep in mind that each ingredient you use will impart its own unique twist… Of the three, glycerin is the strongest, then Corn Syrup, with sugar syrup being the weakest… You will need to use more of the weaker ingredients to achieve the same or similar results… I have used both Corn Syrup and Glycerin together with good results…


Light Bulb Moment: If you want to develop your own super formula, you could use all three in various ratios,,, You might have the kids experiment making soap solutions, to come up with the best formula or recipe for making huge Super Soap Bubbles…

Getting Back to the Basic Ingredients

Just a few tips on the base ingredients,,, Water and Dish soap…

Dish Soap: From my research the best dish soaps to use are Joy and Dawn, clear is better than dyed,,, With that said I use my unscented clear Seventh Generation or what ever clear unscented dish soap that I have around, and they work fine for me…

Water: While you can use tap water, Distilled water makes better Super Soap Bubble Solution, my guess is that the lack of minerals keep the bubbles from breaking early,,, I have only used Distilled water in my soap solution..

Rest Period: It is suggested that you let your Solution rest for 24 hours before you use it, it is supposed to allow the mixture to work better,,, more time to meld together I would guess. But if you want it now, go ahead and use it… You can always make more…

My Recipe

I am going to give you my recipe, you can use it or not,,, One ingredient in my recipe that I did not mention was Flax Seed water,,, I boiled the flax seeds and strained them out and used the water…

The reason that I used Flax seed water is because when I researched making Soap Bubble Solution, I found articles that suggested using Flax or Linseed, it is said to “increase longevity of the bubbles by 25%”

You might be thinking that there is more to making soap bubbles than you originally thought,, and you would be right some have turned it into a science…

Here is the link to one article about adding Flax Seed to your solution,,,


My Super Soap Bubble Solution Recipe:

Disclaimer: Be sure to try this out before making a huge batch…

This recipe in ounces makes approximately 16 oz of solution…


12oz       Distilled Water
2.24oz    Seventh Generation Dish Soap
0.960oz  Flax Seed Water (1/4 Cup Flax Seed, boiled in 2/3 cup water, cooled then strained)
0.480oz  Karo Syrup
0.320oz  Vegetable Glycerin


75%        Distilled Water
14%        Seventh Generation Dish Soap
6%          Flax Seed Water
3%          Karo Syrup
2%          Vegetable Glycerin

Our Thanks go to the websites below for supplying the recipes and ideas for making Super Soap Bubble Solution…

Karo Syrup –

Bubble Town –

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    Wonderful recipe, we always run out of bubbles.. or should I say we always accidentally dump our bubbles.

    Thank you so much for sharing!

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