Powdered Moringa

Powdered Moringa

Moringa powder comes from the leaves of a tree that has been grown for centuries around the world. There are over 13 species of Moringa and is of the family of Moringaceae, it is native to India, the Red Sea, and Africa.

It is also grown and widely known in the Philippines, Mexico, and probably other places that I am not aware of. Of all the species Moringa oleifera is the most common, and sought after and the variety that we grow and sell.

Miracle Leaf

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What are the Benefits of Powdered Moringa?

Moringa is high in at least 90 nutrients, including the 9 essential amino acids our bodies cannot make and must get from our diet.

Some of the nutrients include; Vitamins C, A, E, B1, B2, B3, D, along with Many Minerals,,,

The nutrients in Moringa are not in minute quantities, in fact the amount of vitamins in Moringa are higher than you would get in foods known for a certain nutrient…

For example Moringa contains many times more vitamin C than you would get from an Orange. Moringa has as much or more Calcium than Milk, and more Protein than you would get from Yogurt.

Moringa is known to cure over 300 illnesses, With Starvation and Hunger being at the top of the list.

Moringa The Miracle Tree

Discovery Channel Documentary

How to Use Powdered Moringa?

Moringa Powder can be added to Stews, Soups, Sauces, Dressings, Smoothies & Juices. Really the powder can be added to anything that is in a liquid form…

One of the easiest ways to use Moringa powder is to put it into capsules and take as a Vitamin Supplement… You can find empty capsules in Health Food Stores, Online and even Amazon had them.

How much will I get?

Motherlode Moringa Powder comes in an 8 ounce foil sealed bag, each bag contains 110 servings. A serving is 1 teaspoon, they recommend taking 1-2 teaspoons a day.

Can I get some right away?

If you’re like me and want to start using Moringa right away, you can order some here…



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  1. Stephanie Ferguson says

    I would like to win the powdered moringa because I am fighting several health issues and am trying to restructure my diet with whole foods and get proper nutrition. This sounds perfect, but my little moringa tree only 2 inches tall right now, so no harvesting for awhile.

    • Blue Yonder Urban Farms says

      Hello Stephanie, Welcome Back,, I think Moringa will be a great addition to your diet,, When I first learned of Moringa it was after 5 months of eating a Vegan diet,, and It seemed to be the prefect food,,, I am finding that it takes time to make permanent changes, still working on getting more of it into my diet… Thank you for participating…

  2. Angela Lashley says

    I would like to win the Moringa because it would be part of my new lifestyle changes I’m making towards a healthier more active way of living!

    • Blue Yonder Urban Farms says

      Hello Angela, Welcome back it is good to recognize your name. Moringa would be a great addition to a new healthier lifestyle… Glad to have you.

  3. Crystal says

    Honestly I had not heard of it till your giveaway post. But I would like to try it to fill out nutritional gaps in my diet.

    • Blue Yonder Urban Farms says

      Hello Crystal,, Welcome… I know what you mean, it was just last year when I first heard of Moringa,,, it was a nice surprise to learn that such a tree existed,,,

    • Blue Yonder Urban Farms says

      Hello Mia,, Welcome Back,,, It is very exciting waiting for your Moringa Trees to Grow… Thank you for participating…

  4. Jessica says

    I’ve been searching out ways to be more healthy and to prepare healthier foods for my husband and seven children. This product will help us in that journey.

    • Blue Yonder Urban Farms says

      Hello Jessica, Welcome, I think Moringa would be a great addition to you and your families diet… Thank you for commenting…

    • Blue Yonder Urban Farms says

      Hello Tonya,,, Welcome,,, I took have a Thyroid condition, and trying to get protein from Soy interferes with the uptake of my medications, where Moringa can be taken instead… Thank you for your comment.

  5. Lindsay Lewis says

    My husband and I have come a long way over the years in regards to improving our health and discovering new foods to consume in order to sustain our health. I had honestly never heard of the Moringa tree before, but it sounds fascinating! I would be very interested to incorporate it into our diets and see what effects it may result in.

    • Blue Yonder Urban Farms says

      Hello Lindsay,,, I would be interested in hearing how Moringa affects your health,,, It is said to cure over 300 illnesses, and improve nutrition with its 90 nutrients… With more calcium than milk, and more protein than in yogurt… Thank you for commenting…

  6. Lauren says

    I am striving for a healthier lifestyle and that means food and exercise! To aid me on my journey, I would like to use this!

    • Blue Yonder Urban Farms says

      Hello Lauren,,, Welcome, Moringa would make a great addition to a healthier lifestyle, If you have a place that you can grow I would recommend that you also plant some seeds…

    • Blue Yonder Urban Farms says

      Hello A, Welcome back,,, A bag of Moringa powder is a good way to get started While you wait for your Moringa seedlings to grow… Thank you for your comment…

  7. Lisa Cowell says

    My daughter and I both have a limited protein diet, so a supplement such as this would be very helpful. My daughter’s platelet level is very low, and keeps dropping every day while she is pregnant. We need to find a natural way to get her platelet level up to get her off the high-risk category. It’s hard to have the natural childbirth experience that she desires with constant interference from the medical community. Her last pregnancy, we managed to get the level up to just a fraction over the “c-section” mark, but this time around, her levels are even lower.

    • Blue Yonder Urban Farms says

      Hello Zivia,,, Welcome,,, Moringa is a good place to start… Nice to see you again…

    • Blue Yonder Urban Farms says

      Hello Samantha, Morinag is know by many names some being, Miracle Tree, Never Die Tree, Horseradish Tree.. It is commonly used in the Philippines, Mexico, Africa and India. If you have the desire you can even grow your own Moringa trees. Thank you for commenting.

    • Blue Yonder Urban Farms says

      Hello Rebekah, Welcome, no doubt getting more nutrition would help with many things it would not surprise me to learn that it also helps concentration. Thank you for your comment…

    • Blue Yonder Urban Farms says

      Hello Tasha, Glad to have you here. Thank you for commenting… Have your started growing your Moringa yet?

  8. Pamela says

    Have heard loads about this plant and would love to give it a try myself. Had several trees growing and a huge Florida storm took them out…..so this would be a great way to make up my mind whether I should opt for some more seeds :-)

    • Blue Yonder Urban Farms says

      Hello Pamela, Welcome, did you get the chance to harvest any leaves before the storm took your Moringa trees? I think you will want your own trees, living in Florida is a perfect location for Moringa.

  9. sarah auzina says

    Thank you for hosting this giveaway! We have health problems galore, so I’m sure the moringa would help get us to a better state!

    • Blue Yonder Urban Farms says

      Hello Sarah,, Thank you for commenting, I am sorry to hear that you are not well,,, I think you will like using Moringa. Welcome.

  10. Danielle says

    I have numerous health issues and have had to make substantial changes in my diet, whole eating lifestyle. It leaves huge gaps in the nutrition levels I am ingesting. I am forced to drink those “nutritional shakes”, they are helpful, i will give them that, but their taste and “other” ingredients have much to be desired. “Moringa” looks and sound like something that could definitely help to fill those nutrition holes for me… Very interesting product, this could really help a lot of people! Thank you for the chance-opportunity to try it for free!!

    • Blue Yonder Urban Farms says

      Hello Danielle, I am glad you entered our giveaway, and hope that your health improves. We have heard good things about Moringa, it is known to cure over 300 illnesses… Welcome.

  11. Donna Spooner says

    I have had Lymes disease and my daughter has thyroid cancer. I would like to try some of the Miracle Tree to see if it can help us. Thank you for the offer to win it.

    Donna, in SW GA

    • Blue Yonder Urban Farms says

      Hello Donna,,, Welcome… I want to ask have you see the movie, Forks Over Knives? If not you should, it can be rented from Amazon, if you have a Net Flix it used to be one of their movies… Moringa has been know to help with so many things… I would love to hear how it works for you…

  12. Dawn Mosley says

    I didn’t win the seed giveaway, but I’m going to try my luck again! Looking forward to planting the seeds I ordered and try out this amazing plants benefits for myself!

    • Blue Yonder Urban Farms says

      Hello Dawn,,, Welcome Back,,, You just never know with giveaways, it could be you… I hope you have the chance to grow Moringa for yourself… Thank you for participating…

    • Blue Yonder Urban Farms says

      Hello Rust, I want to say Welcome Back. Either way welcome. Did you know that some cultures even eat the seeds for health? Yes 3 months before the monsoons many Africans eat one or two seeds a day, and claim it prevents malaria. Glad to have you.

  13. Dee Deep Stevenson says

    I get excited when I see something that covers so many areas of nutrition. I am especially blown away by the morning’s ability to purify water. Right now the powder is a good option for me because I live in an apartment and cannot grow trees of my own. I will though, when I get a permanent place to live!

    • Blue Yonder Urban Farms says

      Welcome Dee, glad to have you. Moringa is quite unique. Will you use it in Tea or put it in capsules?

  14. Paulette Golon says

    Moringa, Moringa powder, Moringa leaves,great for health problems. This is the answer for my problems. Thank you for your time.

    • Blue Yonder Urban Farms says

      Hello Angi,, Welcome,, I would like to hear if the doctor approves its use… Thank you for entering…

  15. Katy Lamb says

    Having several health issues and getting into my elder years, I’m up to trying any natural good health aid. Would love to try this and see the results. Thanks for the giveaway.

    • Blue Yonder Urban Farms says

      Hello Katy,,, Welcome! Moringa is known to cure or help with over 300 diseases… Thank you for participating…

  16. jill fondiller says

    i have fibromyalgia and moringa sounds like it would be a wonderful addition to my natural path to better health

    • Blue Yonder Urban Farms says

      Hello Jill,,, Moringa is good for so many things, it is high in over 90 nutrients,,, Including the 9 essential amino acids our bodies need but cannot make, it has to come from our food… It has more protein than yogurt, and more calcium than milk… Welcome Jill…

  17. Stacy V. says

    I have used the oil on my face for years and I love it. I truly never thought of eating it. I so want to try it now.

    • Blue Yonder Urban Farms says

      Hello Stacy,, We have the option to sell the oil too,, just have not gotten started… The leaves are very good for food,,, With many nutrients that we need.. Welcome…

  18. says

    The nutrients and vitamins, the mental clarity, the heart health, immune boosting. All of these awesome benefits would be so wonderful for my family! I plan on putting it in smoothies and maybe some soups!

    • Blue Yonder Urban Farms says

      Hello Kristi,, Welcome, and thank you for all you have done… You are right Moringa has many benefits, and would be good anyway you chose to use it…

    • Blue Yonder Urban Farms says

      Hello Ava,,, Moringa is a great multi-vitamin in a leaf… Welcome to Blue Yonder Urban Farms.

  19. kevin Lloyd says

    well I haven’t tried it but I need to start getting healthy again I feel so tired at the end of the day and I want to get away from the pills the drs pass out been looking more into herbal meds thank you

    • Blue Yonder Urban Farms says

      Hello Kevin,,, have you had a chance to watch the Discovery Documentary on Moringa, it talks about having more energy after eating Moringa for awhile… Welcome…

  20. Lyn says

    How neat! I’m accustomed to eating and cooking healthy food for my family. It’s how we were raised by my RN/nutritionist mom. I’ve never heard of Moringa so thanks for the give away and the information. I like all this powder has to offer. I’d like to know 1) how does it taste? And 2) Moringa seems to have lots of vitamin C, would that assist in the bodies production of collagen? My family has a trait (joint hypermobility syndrome) that is basically our bodies don’t synthesize or produce collagen properly.

    • Blue Yonder Urban Farms says

      Hello Lyn,,, I think that the Fresh Moringa taste a little like radish,,, some people I have asked says it taste green… I do not taste the powder when I put in in smoothies… Well Moringa is known for being high in Vitamin C,,, and vitamin c has certain qualities, I can’t say if it would help you, but I would not be surprised… Thank you for joining us…

  21. fayme stringer henry says

    I am trying to find ways to get healthy that dont necessarily involve COMPLETELY changing my life or taking medications… adding some nutrition to the foods I already eat is more likely to help than taking processed vitamins with a bunch of added filler….

    • Blue Yonder Urban Farms says

      Hello Fayme,,, Welcome back good to see you again… Making small changes are known to last longer than trying to change everything at once… Thank you for participating…

  22. jodie b says

    I’ve just got a moringa plant and cant wait to get it growing. but have been wanting to get it into my diet now. i’m trying to heal metabolism/thyroid issues and i know this herb can help!

    • Blue Yonder Urban Farms says

      Hello Jodie,,, Thank you for joining our Giveaway,,, I would be interested in any information about using Moringa for Thyroid issues… Welcome…

    • Blue Yonder Urban Farms says

      Hello Wendy, Welcome, for us Moringa is new, but it has been used probably for centuries in other countries… The Discovery Channel Moringa Video is very good… Thank you for commenting…

    • Blue Yonder Urban Farms says

      Hello Mike, Please come back and share any information you learn about Moringa,, Welcome…

  23. Melanie says

    I want to win this because Moringa Powder is so healthy for you but also very very expensive!! This would be awesome to win :)

    • Blue Yonder Urban Farms says

      Hello Melanie,,, What are some ways that you use Moirnga, I just read of someone putting it in Oatmeal… My husband eats oatmeal everyday and has for the first time today began trying it in his… He wants to test it out… Welcome

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