50 Moringa Seeds

50 Moringa Seeds

What I do with 50 Moringa Seeds!

What Would you do with 50 Moringa Seeds?

50 Moringa seeds may seem like more seeds than you would ever want, but really there are ways to use them that you may find 50 seeds are not enough. Here are just a few ways.

50 Moringa Seeds | Blue Yonder Urban Farms | http://blueyonderurbanfarms.com/1754/50-moringa-seeds/

50 Moringa Seeds

Let Me Count The Ways

50 Moringa Seeds | Blue Yonder Urban Farms | http://blueyonderurbanfarms.com/1754/50-moringa-seeds/ ‎

Moringa Tree In Burlap Bag

Gift Giving

You might get some attractive pots or even bags, and grow the trees to give to friends as gifts, or you could sell them, at garage sales or farmers markets.

50 Moringa Seeds | Blue Yonder Urban Farms | http://blueyonderurbanfarms.com/1754/50-moringa-seeds/ ‎

Grow A Crate of Seedlings

Plant a Grove of Moringa

If you had 50 Moringa seeds you could plant “A Grove of Moringa Trees”.

I was told by a local grower who has a grove of 200 Moringa trees; that they space their Moringa trees so that they can bush out all around 6 feet, and then they let them grow to 20 feet high.

Moringa that is grown in warm areas of the country can get very big, very fast. They are know to grow up to 15 feet in one growing season, and up to 35 feet or higher in a life time.  For your Moringa trees to grow fast and big they will need the right growing conditions. Moringa are known to grow best in temperatures of 70 – 95 degrees, but they may surprise you. Our Moringa seeds sprouted with night time temperatures under 50 degrees when the days were over 80 degrees. If you research Moringa you will find that they do not do well in very wet ares, while that may be true Moringa still needs water to grow.  You may also read that it does well in poor soils, our Moringa did very well in our sandy soil the first year,  but its growth slowed down the second year, expect to fertilize when needed to sustain a healthy growth.

Moringa love the heat, but even if you live in cooler areas of the country you too may still be able to grow Moringa. Moringa can be grown in pots and moved when the weather changes, or you can grow Moringa in your garden just as you do Tomatoes and Peppers, as annuals and re-plant every spring…

50 Moringa Seeds | Blue Yonder Urban Farms | http://blueyonderurbanfarms.com/1754/50-moringa-seeds/ ‎

Growing Moringa In Raised Beds

How I Grow Moringa

I grow Moringa for leaves, the way that I do that is to plant them intensively, meaning we plant them close together and plant more then we normally would. We have found that in our 4×8 Foot Beds we can get 50 seeds when we plant them in rows of 5 seeds wide and 10 seeds length wise… Planting this way causes the tree to only produce leaves, they never reach the stage where they would grow seed pods or viable seeds. But that is OK because our goal is to harvest leaves, and with this method we have been able to harvest 2 or 3 times a summer if we get an early start, if not we may only get 1 or 2 harvests.

When the Moringa get to be 3, 4, 5 or 6 feet tall depending on how I feel at the time, I will cut them back to 1 foot and let them grow back, and repeat the process until it gets to cold and the trees quite growing. When the weather gets cold Moringa become dormant and lose their leaves, I think another word for this is deciduous, Moringa is deciduous. If the winters are very cold where you live your Moringa could freeze, if they freeze and the roots do not freeze they may grow back in the spring, but if the roots freeze it will kill the tree.

Last winter here in Coolidge Arizona, we only had one or two light freezes my Moringa did not freeze, they survived without dying to the ground…

50 Moringa Seeds | Blue Yonder Urban Farms | http://blueyonderurbanfarms.com/1754/50-moringa-seeds/ ‎

Growing 50 Moringa Seedlings In a Raised Bed

Where Can I Get Moringa Seeds?

There are many places that sell Moringa seeds, most of the seeds originate from India, or Africa, after trying Moringa seeds from several sources we found that the seeds we can get from Gambia Africa are the best we could find… If you would like to try our seeds scroll down copy our 10% off $20 coupon code then come back and  Click Here For Moringa Seeds

Moringa Seeds

Want to Start with Moringa Seedlings Instead of Seeds?

If you would like we can grow Moringa seedling starts for you, right now we are growing to order, when you place your order for Moringa seedlings, we will begin germinating and growing your Moringa seedlings, in about 3 weeks after they have grown top foliage we will pack and ship them to you ready to be transplanted, they will look similar to those in the pink crates,,, also pictured in the shopping cart… Cick Here!

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Moringa Seeds Here

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  1. Paulette Golon says

    Would plant them all for salads, powder, and give always to friends. people need to know about Moringa and what it can do. I know I can grow it my 6 that I won in the June giveaway are doing great. There is something different on the plant I think is may be a flower coming out. I will use every one of the seeds if I win them. Have a blessed day, happy gardening …. :)

    • Blue Yonder Urban Farms says

      Hello Paulette, it is so good to hear that you are able to grow Moringa where you live… I hope you get the chance to spread the little trees far and wide… :) Karen

    • Blue Yonder Urban Farms says

      Hello Brooke, I appreciate you taking the time to visit our home on the net… Welcome…

    • Blue Yonder Urban Farms says

      Hello Hellen, when I first learned of Moringa and its benefits I could not get enough trees growing fast enough, and now it has be a little over a year and we have more than I ever expected… Welcome…

    • Blue Yonder Urban Farms says

      Hello Sandy, I would have been a very happy neighbor if you lived near me,,, I hope you get the chance to share Moringa Trees or Seeds with your neighbors.. Thank you for visiting…

    • Blue Yonder Urban Farms says

      Hello Terry, I bet your Wife and MIL would be happy to have seeds for a plant such as Moringa,, Some people find that they have more energy when eating the leaves… Kids in areas of the country where there is not enough to eat are said to have enough energy that they feel like smiling and even playing. Thank you for participating.

    • Blue Yonder Urban Farms says

      Hello Scott, I know what you mean, I could not get started fast enough when I first learned of Moringa… I hope you get your wish soon… Karen

    • Blue Yonder Urban Farms says

      Welcome Fayme, How are your seedlings doing? I hope that they are thriving… Please keep us posted on their progress… Thank you coming by!

    • Blue Yonder Urban Farms says

      Hello Elizabeth, I do not know where you live but I too would be interested in knowing if they would grow for you… Thank you for visiting…

  2. morana revel says

    Would love to see if they grow in Kentucky
    I have hashimotos and have a very poor immune system. Want to see if this would help.

    • Blue Yonder Urban Farms says

      Hello Morana, I would love to know if they would grow in Kentucky too, I hope you get the chance to find out… If you can not grow them as full sized Trees you may be able to grow them as annuals and harvest the leaves until they get to cold to grow… I too have a thyroid condition which makes Moringa a much better source of protein than soy. Thank you for sharing with us..

  3. shawn says

    this is the first time i have ever heard of this tree i would love to see if i could grow them here in indiana and maybe try greenhouse growing

    • Blue Yonder Urban Farms says

      Hello Shawn, I do not know how they would do in Indiana, but I would love for you to see what you can do… Welcome…

  4. Marissa says

    I would use the moringa seeds to plant them for leaves for food. Our friends have a row of about 10-15 moringa trees planted about 1 ft. apart and they harvest the leaves and add them to salads, soups, smoothies and then cut them back every so often just like you describe in your article. We just visited them today and I told her I would like to plant some moringa after tasting and seeing her trees. How funny and fun that I came across this article and giveaway tonight.

    • Blue Yonder Urban Farms says

      Hello Marissa, Isn’t interesting how things work out.. So cool that you have a living example near you… I hope you get your own trees soon… Glad to have you…

  5. Mary says

    I would plant some and share some with as many of my gardening friends as I can. We like to share our seeds. Helps us all of in the long run.

  6. Linda Hayes says

    I like the idea that you showed using the raised bed. However, I do believe I’d plant one seedling so it would grown into a tree. I have wanted Moringa seeds since I read about how beneficial they are. Thank you to the chance to win.

  7. LINDA says

    grow for the healthy benefits of the leaves and see if I could keep it going in the house over the winter!

    • Blue Yonder Urban Farms says

      Hello Brad, I have wanted to plant seeds where every I went too your comment reminded me, and it makes me think you and I have something in common with Johnny apple seed, was he a real person? Welcome.

  8. CATHIE says

    I would plant them on our 2 1/2 acres and the vacant acres next to us in Rio Verde Foothills to see if they would live with the natives.

    • Blue Yonder Urban Farms says

      Hello Cathie, how exciting it sounds like you could plant a forest of Moringa where you live… That’s exciting. to me… Please come back an visit us again…

  9. Isa says

    I am into Moringa cultivation in my country Nigeria, the climate is very favourable for the plant. But patronage is low.

    • Blue Yonder Urban Farms says

      Hello Isa, We get our Moringa seeds from Gambia, from a cultivator there… Why do you think that the tree does not sell well there? Here it is new and people are excited by it… We want to plant more and more.. Welcome

  10. LouAnn Singer says

    I have been studding about for several months now. I Am so grateful for the knowledge that I’m gaining to help myself and share with others. I have been using the Moringa powder a little over three months now. I capsule it and take it that way for now. I would Love more than anything to win the 50 seeds , so I could grow my own leaves like you have shared the info with us and share with others. There are many poor people who want to be healthy to but who are barely getting by. This would be a great help to them. Thank You . LouAnn Singer “Helping Hands “. As we Reach Out to LOVE<3 Help and Share with Each Other!! Have a Beautiful SON/Sun Shinny Day!

  11. Rebecca says

    Hello, thank you for the opportunity.
    We would definitely grow the plants and eat the leaves. I’m thinking that drying and then crushing the dried leaves would make a good addition to my elderly father’s food. His appetite is smaller than it used to be, and I am looking for ways to increase the nutrition in his food.

    Slightly OT, have you heard of the herb “jiaogulan”? it is what is called an “adaptogenic” herb (ginseng is also adaptogenic), meaning that it’s basically ‘good for what ails you.’ You might want to research it, I think it would be a good addition to your garden. I drink the tea made from the dried leaves almost every day. http://www.herb.com/jgl.html

  12. says

    I would love to get them to grow around my yard. I would use them well for nourishing my family. I would also share them with tin my family!

  13. Meagan Zefirov says

    I currently live in Arizona but will be moving to Georgia next year. So, I would keep a couple seeds for myself to test out, give some to my mother who is moving to Mesa, and give the rest out at church to those who would like it.

  14. Mia H. says

    I am currently growing some moringa in pots in my yard so I would save these seeds for when my others get too big for their pots :)

  15. says

    Oh wow- it would be amazing to have 50 Moringa seeds! First of all I would plant some to provide shade for our chicken coops, and one day, after my brain surgery, or surgeries are done, to shade the goat pen. I’d also love to eat the leaves, dry and powder them, and eat them in smoothies, salads, perhaps even quiche and frittatas! They have so many benefits it be fun to grow them and include them in my family’s diet in as many ways possible! Thanks!

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